The Stepmother


XIXth volume of works of Honoré de Balzac edited by widow André Houssiaux, publisher, Hebert and Co, successors, 7 rue Perronet – Paris (1877)

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Gertrude the Stepmother and Pauline


THE STEPMOTHER (LA MARÂTRE)   Intimate drama in five acts and eight tableaux First performed in Paris at the Théâtre historique on May 25, 1848.

History It’s a family drama between Pauline and her mother-in-law, who both love the same man. Gertrude married the general when her lover was Ferdinand, who worked in the family factory. Ferdinand, who loved Gertrude as a young man, sees his love changed to friendship. On the other hand, he’s madly in love with Pauline, the general’s daughter. However, Ferdinand de Marcandal has a dark secret that he cannot reveal to the general. His father, initially committed to the Emperor, abandoned him to join the Bourbon family. This secret cannot be revealed to the general, who is fanatically attached to Emperor Bonaparte, and the consequences would be disastrous as he has sworn to punish all traitors to the Emperor. So Ferdinand hides under a false identity. The drama revolves around female competition and Gertrude’s despicable means of separating the young couple. Seeing no way out of their love, the couple took their own lives. F:\H de Balzac site web\Etude des oeuvres et galerie personnages\Scènes Théâtrales\La Marâtre\Illustrations\La.Marâtre.2.jpg F:\H de Balzac websiteEtude des oeuvres et galerie personnagesTheatrical ScenesThe Stepmother Ferdinand and Gertrude.JPG

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